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We What We Do

At Creative Landscapes there is an unmistakable passion for what we do. Our reward is seeing the level of enjoyment and happiness the projects we design and build bring to our customers.

We Are Courteous

All too uncommon today, common courtesy is part of how we do business. Running a clean job site, returning calls, being friendly and helpful, showing up on time, and showing that we appreciate your business. We believe in growing relationships, not just gardens.

We Love Sensible Budgets

We get the most we possibly can for our clients. That means smart buying, creative thinking, and stretching our imagination to stretch your budget. Whatever your project size, large or small, we try to maximize beauty and minimize budget.

We Build To Last

We are lucky to be in a profession where projects grow better with age. That payoff only comes with hard work up front. Perfect planning. Meticulous plant choice. Technical soil and preparation expertise. Optimum irrigation, drainage, and continuous care. Treat her right and Mother Nature will reward you for years to come!

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